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what technical issues you may have.

What’s included

Just think, no more worries when you have a whole support team available 24/7 to tackle all kinds of technical issues.

Quickly identify and resolve problems with all your devices.

  • Computer

  • Tablet

  • Routers

  • Mp3 Players

  • Printers

  • Software issues
  • Premium Tech Support for specific computer related issues
  • Remote tech support enabling you to watch while your PC gets fixed
  • Instruction on commonly used Microsoft® and other applications
  • Install and re-install applications, drivers and other programs
  • Optimization of your computer to increase speed and performance
  • Scan and remove viruses, spyware and other malicious programs
  • Set up old and new desktops
  • Configuring security software
  • Set parental control
  • Connect an MP3 player with your computer
  • Set up and configure various third party Email clients, such as: Incredimail®, Thunderbird®, Opera®, etc.
  • Set up email on handheld devices
  • Internet issues
  • Troubleshoot Internet issues
  • Troubleshooting network related issues like sharing, configuration, port forwarding etc.
  • Set up Internet connections, firewall, and security software
  • Support for a new network setup
  • Operating system issues
  • Assistance in upgrading from a legacy OS to a newer/latest OS version
  • Support for Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 operating systems for first time use
  • Diagnose and resolve Windows® operating system errors
  • Re-installation of the operating system
  • Upgrading to a different version of Windows®
  • New PC or Mac® setup

Annual Plan

Available 24/7,

Diagnostics & repair, Troubleshooting software errors, Updating drivers, Connecting to the Internet, Optimizing your PC's speed,...

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